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Fort Rock Cave is located near Fort Rock State Park. It is the site of archaeological discoveries that are 9,000 to 11,000 years old. It is an area rich in Native American history and provides us with information that shaped society and culture.

The opening to Fort Rock Cave.

The opening to Fort Rock Cave.

Thanks to the archaeological evidence, we are able to see the rich history of the caves and allow us to catch a glimpse of their society. It seems as if many tribes claimed this land as home at different points. It is said to be one of the earliest sites of human's in Oregon. The caves are located on the grounds of the Fort Rock State Park, and can only be visited by Guided Tours.

Fort Rock Cave has been known by many different names. They include Cow Cave, Menkenmair Cave, and Reub Long Cave. An archaeologist from the University of Oregon made the initial discovery way back in the 1930s of sagebrush sandals. They were at the time the oldest evidence of life in the state of Oregon.

Fort Rock State Park holds tours regularly which can be viewed from their website. They provide dates and can provide additional information about the caves and land surrounding the caves.

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