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The Randolph County Heritage Museum, on the Pocahontas town square at 106 East Everett Street, just around the corner from the Lesmeister Guesthouse, is one of the finest local museums in Arkansas. Since Randolph County was one of the first places settled by Europeans and Africans in Arkansas, there’s a long history here and it’s beautifully displayed in our local museum. A few years ago some volunteers moved an old button factory from the banks of Black River just south of Overlook Park, dismantled it, and rebuilt it inside the museum. The button factory demonstrates how, in the days before plastic buttons, local people dredged mussel shells out of the river and drilled round mother of pearl “blanks” out of the shells to be turned into buttons. The museum, open every day except Sunday, also houses our cherished archives of local written memories and many oral history tapes, and it has a wonderful little gift shop full of local souvenirs.

  • Randolph County Heritage Museum
  • Old medical instrument exhibit
  • Button factory exhibit