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The Hal Marcus Gallery is owned & operated by local artist, Hal Marcus and his wife, (Gallery Director) Patricia Medici and (Gallery Manager) Kelly Foss. The ever-changing exhibit gallery affords visitors not only a broad spectrum of art to appreciate, but also an Early El Paso Art Salon dedicated solely to the artwork and research materials on Early El Paso Artists. More than 250 pieces make up the collection, With his home and studio directly across the street, the artist often will invite gallery patrons to see his current work, as well as more recent pieces at his personal studio.

Gallery from the street

Gallery from the street


The Hal Marcus Gallery is a fine example of a local artist who not only made a name for himself, but also is reaching back to his roots, and assisting other artists to follow in his footsteps, to achieve the same levels of success as he.

“If you don’t know your past- you don’t have a future.” Hal Marcus is known to say. That belief fuels the gallery’s mission of the education and promotion of Early El Paso Art.

In 1985, Hal officially began his “art selling” career to compliment his habitual “art creating” life. From meager beginnings in an attic, the gallery is now located to 1308 N. Oregon,. The blue house with an eye-catching yellow door has 2 floors of art. Across the street, conveniently located, is Hal Marcus’ home, and Art Studio.

His Studio (across the street from the gallery) is available for personal tours with advance notice, so call ahead. The Gallery is also available to rent as event space Call for more information and advanced booking.

Though he is not a certified appraiser, Hal Marcus does have 30 plus years in the art business, and offers art consulting concerning valuation of works of art Further, with many years operating a working gallery, Mr. Marcus also offers his services in fundraising consulting.

With an eye for artistic value, a heart set on helping his community, and a gallery and studio dedicated to artistic excellence and community identity, it is small wonder that the gallery and the artist both are perennial winners of awards both local and regional.

Hal Marcus is arguably one of the most accessible artists in all of El Paso, and your knowledge and appreciation for the various art forms from watercolor to acrylic, from painting to sculpture, can only be enhanced by a visit to the Hal Marcus Gallery.