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The Burlesque Hall of Fame is located inside Emergency Arts, at the corner of Fremont & 6th Streets in historic Downtown Las Vegas. The museum celebrates the artistry and history of Burlesque dance, the costumes, the music, and the women behind the scenes. See authentic costumes, movie footage, documents, and interviews with Burlesque dancers from yesteryear and today.

  • One of the displays that features original documents, photographs, and even music sheets from early shows. The costumes are all on costume mannequins that help show what the outfits may have looked like.
  • There are frequent Burlesque shows that help to explain the idea and artistry behind the movement.
The birthplace of the Burlesque Museum was the personal collection of one Jennie Lee, a legendary dancer who came up with the idea of a "Hall of Fame" in the 1950s. Today, is the largest and more important collection of Burlesque related items in the world. The museum is dedicated to commemorating and preserving the artistry of Burlesque and all of those involved. 

After Jennie's death, her friend Dixie Evans took over and helped to make the museum what it is today. It's first home was Helendale, CA. That site became famous in Burlesque circles young and old, becoming a pilgrimage site for all. In 2006 the Burlesque Hall of Fame moved to its current home in Las Vegas, where it plans to stay for a very long time. It is now a tourist attraction, recreational space, and research center.