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Located in Murray County, GA, a scenic drive on Hwy.52 leads visitors to the Fort Mountain gateway. According to Georgia Public Broadcasting, Fort Mountain State Park is a 3,712 acre park. This was founded in 1938 and is named for an ancient 885 foot long rock wall located on the peak. Come and visit Fort Mountain State Park, visitors, hikers, mountain bikers or horseback rider will explore some of the most beautiful trails in Georgia. This park possesses many beautiful and interesting sceneries such as hardwood forest, blueberry thickets, ancient wall, tower and lake. Among these sceneries, a stone fire tower is interesting place that visitor can explore and mark their journey. Furthermore, an ancient rock which stand on the highest point of mountain or the mysterious 855- foot-long wall which is apart of history of Indians will bring the visitors closer to the to the back-story of Murray County.

  • Fort Mountain State Park Gate
  • A stone fire tower in the past
  • A stone fire tower in the present date
  • Mountain Bikers
  • A pretty lake belongs to Fort Mountain State Park

In 1832, the extreme northwestern corner of Georgia which was the former part of Cherokee County, was designated as Murray County by the Georgia General Assembly. This county was named after Mr. Thomas W. Murray,  the former speaker of the Georgia House.In a short time, the population of Murray County grew up dramatically. Murray County was expanded to 342 square miles (equivalent to 886 km) of the land and based on the 2010 census, the population of Murray County  was 39,628 (1). The county seat is Chatsworth (2)

Belong to Murray County, the 3,712 acre area is known as Fort Mountain State Park. This Georgia State Park located between Chatsworth and Ellijay on Fort Mountain. this is one of Murray County’s attractions that visitors consider to stop by in their journey. In 1893,Fort Mountain State Park was established on land donated by Atlanta mayor, Ivan Allen. Many facilities of this park was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. There are the stone fire tower,  the  lake, the trails and   some building in Fort Mountain State Park. Thank to the  successful project of the Civilian Conservation Corps  as well as the support from state and federal funding,  the park expanded from 1,930 acres  to 3,712 acres . This is long journey of effort and responsibility to build up the characteristics of Murray County , GA. 

According to Philip E. Smith, Fort Mountain State Park  derived its name from an ancient 885 foot long rock wall located on the peak..And in 1956,  the archaeological report had pointed out that the ancient wall structure “represents a prehistoric aboriginal construction whose precise age and nature cannot yet be safely hazarded until the whole problem, of which this is a representative, has been more fully investigated," (3) “while a modern online tourist website states that the wall was built by local Native American around 500 AD for religious purposes”(4). This ancient wall has several legends, and this becomes the mysterious place that attract many tourists come there and explore the legend of this ancient wall, and the characteristics of Murray County. 

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