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The Granger House is a well-preserved historic home built in the 1860s in Marion, Iowa, not far from Cedar Rapids. The style of architecture is Victorian Italianate and a carriage house, which is also in good condition, is located on the property. It is name the Granger house after the family who lived there from 1873-1969. The house has retained many of its original furnishings and other items such as personal papers and photographs.

  • The Granger House. The carriage house is on the left.
The house was built sometime in the 1860s by, it is thought, a man named Charies Myers. Earl and Dora Granger moved in to the home in 1873. Earl owned a slaughterhouse and was also a partner at a meat market. Dora did not have an occupation. Earl constructed the carriage house in 1879 and added a room to the home a year later. Descendants lived at the house until 1969. It was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976 and is now a museum. 
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