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An affiliate of the Smithsonian, the Frazier History Museum offers exhibits that interpret both local and world history. The museum's collection spans over a thousand years of world history, with exhibits and that include armor and weapons from around the world, one of the largest collections of toy soldiers in America, exhibits that interpret the history of bourbon production, interactive family exhibitions that allow guests to experience the Lewis and Clark expedition, and local artifacts related to Kentucky history such as Daniel Boone's family Bible.

  • Frazier History Museum
The museum originally opened its doors in 2004 as the Frazier Historical Arms Museum. Since then, more than 700,000 people have visited the museum, and the institution has undergone two different name changes to reflect its expanding focus.

Situated in Louisville's "Museum Row" in the late 19th-century "Dorhoefer Builing," the museum includes around 75,000 square feet of exhibits. In addition, there's a 120-seat auditorium and 48-set movie theater. Several other spaces offer various displays for the visitor, and a rooftop garden provides a pleasant "get-away." In addition, the Museum Store offers snacks, souvenirs, and a small eating area.