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The Nansen Ski Club is the oldest continuously-operating skiing club in North America. It was founded in 1872 by Norwegian immigrants in Berlin, New Hampshire, under the name Berlin Mills Ski Club, Berlin Falls Club, or North American Ski Club. This ski club came about right when snowboarding and skiing were new to the sports world. For 155 years, people have been coming to Berlin, New Hampshire to enjoy the oldest ski club in the US. But, even though it is so old, it is kept up to date, so new history can be made on top of the past 155 years of history that have already taken place.

Established in 1872, the Nansen Ski Club is one of the first organized ski clubs in America and the oldest continuously operated. Based in Berlin, New Hampshire, it serves the Androscoggin Valley by providing groomed ski trails at Milan Hill State Park in Milan, NH. This ski club is perfect for anyone who wants to have fun on the slopes while being in a huge piece of winter sport history.

Nansen Ski Club is dedicated to providing a healthy outdoor experience for children, youth, and adults of the surrounding communities as well as out of state visitors who are always welcome to a wonderful winter experience. They have just announced a successful ninth season at our new Milan Hill location since moving from Success Loop in Berlin. Even with its old history, the ski club is expanding the existing trail network this fall with some new flat connector trails to allow for practicing technique and increase access to other trails with easier terrain.

The winter activities at Milan Hill State park are funded and sustained almost entirely by member donations to the Nansen Ski Club. The support directly finances ski events, grooming efforts, insurance, and continuous trail improvements. It is very important that this ski club stays up and running, for this is a piece of usable history that must stay preserved.