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The Federal Reserve of St. Louis features the Inside the Economy Museum. Located near the Gateway Arch, the museum offers nearly 100 exhibits. With interactive exhibits, you will have the opportunity to experience how inflation is affected by expenses as well as have the opportunity, at one exhibit, to use your sense of smell to understand the economy! Learn the history of the Federal Reserve as well as other interesting information such as the changing economy during the history of the United States when you visit this fascinating new museum.

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This new museum located offers a unique educational experience that will offer a deeper understanding of the economy. The museum offers a number of educational resources on its website as well as a mobile app that includes lessons about economic history. Inside the museum, visitors will learn about the economy by using "displays, games, sculptures, and videos."

The museum is divided into zones 1-5. Each zone focuses on specific factors that affect the economy. By interacting with these exhibits, the visitor can learn their place in the economy and how their actions affect the economy.

Begin your visit with a video that "transforms the teller lobby from historic to modern, then setting the stage for your dynamic experience!"2 Learn about spending, trade and the market, history of the Reserve, and more on the economy.

After your visit, you won't go home empty handed. The museum gives you a bag of shredded money to carry out as a souvenir! Plan to visit this new museum and all its interactive exhibits. Bring your Identification and children must be accompanied by an adult. Check out the official website for more details and enjoy your visit to St. Louis' INSIDE THE ECONOMY MUSEUM!

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