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The Holocaust Museum & Learning Center educates communities through their displays of Holocaust history, personal accounts, and provides an interactive exhibition as well as audio tour. Encompassing the time periods between 1933-1945 as well as post-war events such as the Nuremberg Trials, answers to your questions can be found at this incredible museum in St. Louis. Located in the Kopolow Building on the Jewish Community Campus in Creve Coeur, the Holocaust Museum & Learning Center is a must see for anyone who is interested in history and will be remembered for years to come.

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  • Holocaust Museum & Learning Center 
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The Holocaust Museum & Learning Center will celebrate its 20 years of operation August 2015. Experience an emotionally charged and chronological history of the Holocaust that is housed in a 5,000 square foot exhibition area. 1 Using photographs and victim's personal writings, as well as audio-visual displays, the Holocaust Museum & Learning Center educates the visitor about the encompassing events of the Holocaust and the personal accounts of the victims. Not limited to Past-history, the museum offers visitors a chance to experience its newest exhibit entitled "Change Begins with Me."2

Not limited to museum exhibits, the Holocaust Museum & Learning Center also sponsors "exhibits, lecture, films, and teacher-training workshops as well."3 There is no admittance charge and the museum is open to the public. When you visit, you can also visit the Garden of Remembrance outside of the Museum.4

The official site link offers a variety of Pre-Visit Activities that begins your Holocaust journey virtually. There are multiple online documentaries available such as Ann Frank Remembered or Camera of My Family.5 The website lists many common questions that one may ponder after their documentary viewing to help stimulate answers to these common questions.  

Your visit does not end after you leave the museum. The official website is designed to continue your learning experience virtually as it lists questions to discuss with students or just as a visitor. One may leave the museum with questions that the visit to the museum helped to create such as, "How does the study of the Holocaust raise questions about the effects of prejudice and discrimination and the existence of hate groups?"6

Reviews regarding visitor's experiences are 5 star saying, "My experience here was life-altering..."7 and "What a humbling experience..."8

Only 17 miles from the Gateway Arch, make your vacation complete with a journey into the history of the Holocaust at the Holocaust Museum & Learning Center.

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