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The Holocaust Museum & Learning Center educates communities through displays of artifacts that interpret the history of the Holocaust from a global perspective in addition to sections that focus on the United States. The museum offers original artifacts from Holocaust victims and survivors, as well as personal accounts with their interactive exhibits. The museum looks at the origins of Hitler's rise, the time period between 1933-1945 and postwar events such as the Nuremberg Trials. The museum is located in the Kopolow Building on the Jewish Community Campus in Creve Coeur.

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  • Holocaust Museum & Learning Center 
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This museum celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2015 and offers an eight-part chronological look at the history of the Holocaust. the museum uses photographs, artifacts, and selections from the personal diaries of victims and observers, as well as audio-visual displays. The museum also offers visitors a chance to experience its newest exhibit entitled "Change Begins with Me." The museum also sponsors special events such as lectures and teacher-training workshops. In addition to the interior, visitors can walk through the Garden of Remembrance outside of the Museum.

The museum also maintains a website linked below that offers a variety of oral histories and pre-visit activities to prepare families for the difficult history contained within the museum. The museum also offers online documentaries such as Ann Frank Remembered or Camera of My Family. The website also lists many common questions that one may ponder after their documentary viewing to help stimulate answers to their questions about the Holocaust.   

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