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The Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park is spectacular and houses a sacred area from the Woodland period of history. Native American sacred ceremonies were conducted at this site. Experience this ancient Native American history as well as fishing, boating, hiking, picnicking, camping, and a museum that are all available to the public. You may also visit "Old Stone Fort" which is an ancient Native American structure and the "Old Stone Fort Museum" as well, located near the entrance of the park.

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Old Stone Fort State Park holds more than a day of fun for the family and is full of ancient history ready to be discovered. Located about an hour from Chattanooga or Nashville, this would be a great vacation addition for an individual or family to enjoy hiking and a picnic, the visitor's center, and native American History. When you visit Old Stone Fort State Park, check out the Old stone Fort that was used as a gathering place by the Ancient Native American Indians for ceremonies. Covering as much as 876 acres,1 this park has much recreation to offer!

Inhabited by Ancient Native Americans during the Woodland Period, it was later inhabited by European settlers.2 Due to the unclear history of the area, it was given the name of "Fort" and thus today is known as the Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park. Although named as a Fort, the park's Ancient Native American History is now known and can be discovered by people visiting the park and also on the links available here on Clio.

There are trails for visitors to hike and experience the beauty of the park, read the "twelve interpretive panels," and enjoy waterfalls as well.3 Canoeing a one-mile long linear lake is also a recreational option for the water enthusiast!4

Visitors may also enjoy viewing an orientation film and Native American replicas in the museum. The museum also has a gift shop and operates as the park welcome center.5

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