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Established in 1996, the Neon Museum is located on Las Vegas Boulevard and Bonanza Road, across the street from Cashman Center and along the Las Vegas downtown museum corridor. The boneyard preserves over 150 neon signs from the Nevada area. While the core of the collection is from the old Yesco Boneyard, private donations and loans have expanded the collection to the current size. Important historical pieces in the boneyard include the signage from the Moulin Rouge Hotel, the Stardust, Desert Inn and Caesars Palace as well as many others. Not just neon signage, the museum also houses fiberglass sculptures including a giant skull from the Treasure Island among others.

  • The Neon Museum was founded in 1996 and features numerous old neon signs that once welcomed visitors to casinos and other establishments.
Tours (and private photo shoots) of the boneyard must be arranged with the office prior to your visit. One-hour tours operate every thirty minutes during daylight hours seven days a week. There are tours for Summer starting at 9 and ending at 10am with a tour at 9:30. They then pick tours back up at 7 every half hour until 9.
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Photo: Neon Museum