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Battleship Cove is the largest collection of US Naval ships in the world. The museum houses different battleships, a destroyer, a submarine, and PT boats, along with many different types of exhibits. The USS Massachusetts is one of the main attractions of Battleship Cove. The USS Massachusetts was the first American ship to fire a 16" projectile. The ships located here presents stories of America's past and allows you to take a trip back in time. The Cove's maritime museum provides educational programs, community programs, and different events.

  • The USS Massachusetts BB29
  • The USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. DD850
  • The USS Lionfish SS298 submarine
Battleship Cove is more than a graveyard for old warships. The boats located here still play the important role of teaching us about our history while allowing us to take trips to the past. There are many different kinds of ships that are located at the cove, but the major attractions are the USS Massachusetts BB59, USS Joseph Kennedy, Jr. DD850, USS Lionfish SS298, and two PT boats. There are also many different exhibits that provide us with connections between the different ships and their history.

Also known as "Big Mamie," the USS Massachusetts was involved in countless battles. Commissioned in Boston in 1942, "Big Mamie" wasn't deemed inactive until mid-1946. This battleship is known to be the first American ship to fire a 16" projectile. This occurred during the 1942 invasion of North Africa, against a French battleship known as Jean Bart. Big Mamie was kept in a reserve fleet until 1962 when it was sold for scrap. Through the aid of local school children and the crew that once ran the ship, money was raised and "Big Mamie" was brought to battleship cove.

The USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. was also known as Joey P. Built and commissioned in 1945, this ship wasn't deemed in-active until 1973. According to the museum's website, it participated in many different duties for close to 27 years. One of the most intriguing roles it played was in the Cuban Missile Crisis. It also had major roles in different recovery and peacekeeping missions.

The USS Lionfish is a submarine. It was built in 1942 but was not commissioned until 1944. Stationed in the Pacific during 1945 in Japanese territory. After active duty was over, the Lionfish mainly performed in training exercises. The submarine was actually decommissioned in 1953 but called back to duty in 1960. Finally removed from the Navy Registry in 1971, it was added to Battleship Cove in 1973.
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