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Located in the heart of New York State’s legendary Catskill Mountains, the Delaware and Ulster Railroad is a heritage railroad in Arkville, NY. The D&U is a dinner train excursion that brings a tour for visitors to enjoy scenic rides. Visitors learn more about the history of New York railroad and transportation as well as the legendary Catskill Mountain. Furthermore, the Arkville depot also offers the exhibit of railroad development’s stages to local and visitors

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In 1986, the scenic train ride was established in Arkville, the excursion was named the Delaware & Ulster.

According the proud history of the Ulster & Delaware Railroad, “The path of the Ulster & Delaware wound trains from Kingston Point on the Hudson River, through the Catskill Region and ultimately to Oneonta in the Susquehanna Valley. The D&U was originally chartered as the Rondout  & Oswego and was reorganized three years later as the New York, Kingston and Syracuse. This line became the Ulster & Delaware in 1875 and track to Oneonta was completed in 1900”

On August 28, 2011, the Delaware & Ulster Railroad suffered damage due to Hurricane Irene. And service was resumed in May 2012 to present date  

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