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Passerdyke Cottage serves as both the headquarters of the Allen Historical Society and the home of their local history museum. The Allen Historical Society gladly opens its doors to those who are interested in researching local history and genealogy via its library and archives. In addition to providing exhibits on local history, the society holds several exhibits and hosts events dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of Allen and neighboring communities throughout Maryland.

  • Passerdyke Cottage is home to the Allen Historical Society
  • An early photo of Passerdyke Cottage

Originating in the 1830’s, Passerdyke Cottage features an intriguing structural framework.The house comprises half-tree sleepers as well as the handmade nails used in its construction. Inside the house lies an original fireplace and an enclosed staircase that has been expanded by 20th-century accompaniments.

The cottage features archival spaces, as well as vintage photographs and memorabilia highlighting the lives of villagers during the 19th and 20th centuries. Passrdyke Cottage offers a memorable glimpse into the times of old with an individual emphasis on education, religion, domestic life, and agriculture.

As part of a distinctive exhibition, Allen details the lives of its African American community from slavery to the establishment of an emancipated African American populace alongside its Upper Ferry Road.

Through conservation, The Allen Historical Society seeks “to preserve and enhance the history and culture of Allen and its environs" and “to provide educational opportunities for residents and non-residents regarding life in Allen across the centuries” (Allen Historical Society). Those interested in learning more about the museum and society are encouraged to explore the website for membership information, mission statements, up to date society news, history, official documents and a “village tour.”  Whether a local or out-of-towner, the exhibits within Passerdyke Cottage present an authentic look into Allen’s past and offer a genuine historical experience for all who visit.