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One of Kansas City's most famous fountains, the Eagle Scout Memorial Fountain was dedicated in 1968. A 22-foot marble memorial with the image of the Eagle Scout badge overlooks the fountain, which was created by architect Maurice McMullen. McMullen designed the fountain pool and adjacent stairways to complement the marble structure, which was originally part of New York City's train station. Kansas City business and civic leaders saved this sculpture from destruction when the train station was demolished.

  • The Eagle Scout Memorial Fountain is located in Hyde Park and was dedicated in 1968.
This marble sculpture was part of the entrance to the historic Pennsylvania Railroad Station in New York City from 1910 until the station closed in 1963. Kansas City businessman and national Boy Scout executive John W. Starr arranged to have the sculpture brought to Kansas City when the old depot in New York was demolished. The sculpture originally had a large clock within the center of the sculpted wreath. In honor of those scouts who earned the highest award, Starr placed the image of the Eagle Badge where the clock had once been.
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