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Central Library, Kansas City Public Library

Zone 4 of 6: Second Floor

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This section offers multiple areas for children and children's activities. In the children's section, librarians lead story times for all ages, curate age-appropriate reading lists, and more. In the teen room, the library provides resources for homework help and hosts crafting and game nights.

The second floor includes a mural by local artist Lisa Campbell Ernst. The second floor is also home to the Digital Media Lab, a 3D printer, and the teen digital initiative.

Frances Families Children’s Library-Aquila Young Adult Library

Wood, Interior design, Flooring, Floor

Every character in this mural by local artist Lisa Campbell Ernst has a book.

Textile, Organism, Art, Painting

This tree is part of an area of the library where each color was chosen to reflect nature.

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Kansas City Public Library Tour, current as of May 12, 2016, compiled by Ronda Cornelius, with photos by Ronda Cornelius.