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At this location and address once stood the original fire company in Five Points. The firehouse that was here previously was a predecessor to what is now Firehouse #3 just across the intersection. Originally this fire company started as a small Hook and Ladder company and over the years upgraded its technology from a Silsby Steam Engine, to a motorized wagon, hose, and engine. The firehouse was also home to the first all-black firefighting company in Denver.

  • Location on Glenarm Pl
  • Silsby Steam Engine

The fire company that once existed at this address began service on March 15, 1882. Originally their firehouse was located at 2563 Lincoln Ave, which is now known as Glenarm Pl. In 1931, the company moved to its current location just across the junction at 2500 Washington Street in Firehouse #3.

This fire company began as a Hook and Ladder Company and overtime was known to be an innovative and out-of-the-norm fire company. In 1888 the company received a new Silsby Steam engine and became the Steamer Company 3. In 1892 the company became Denver’s first and only company of all black firefighters. Up until this point the Denver Fire Department had only employed black firefighters as drivers for the chief officers. In 1921 this company received their first motorized truck, becoming known as a hose company, wagon company, and engine company.

This location was decommissioned as a fire station when Fire House #3 opened in 1931.


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