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This museum opened up in 1991, and contains over 10,000 artifacts from military history. Exhibits include wars dating back to the Civil War up until current day. They also boast a 9/11 exhibit that has artifacts from Ground Zero and NYC. The museum also has military tanks and vehicles on display. Admission varies depending on age.

  • Vehicles on display at the museum
  • One of the many exhibits
The museum has a wide variety of military vehicles used in different wars. It's World War 2 exhibits are very detailed and explained. Veterans have given their accounts of war from World War 2 until present day. Tours are given daily that show off all the artifacts and give detailed explanations of military artifacts. Vehicles have been fully restored and are now on display there(1). 

Open turret days display many military vehicles outside and provide visitors with fun and educational examples of how they were used. Many of the vehicles on display are very rare(2). Workers are usually volunteers, who work with veterans to preserve the history of the artifacts and vehicles. Each year more artifacts and vehicles are added to give visitors more information and examples of military history. Group tours and school field trips are highly encouraged by workers in order to educate youth in military history. 

The Military Museum of Southern New England provides visitors a detailed look into military history. Exhibits and demonstrations give the public a look into the lives of people who served in the military, and tell detailed examples of America's involvement. Veterans have helped explain the history behind the artifacts that have been collected. Each year, the museum is involved in celebrating Veterans Day and other major military events with both the public and veterans. This is a great museum for those interested in the history and involvement of the American military.
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