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Located in Tiffin, Ohio, the American Civil War Museum offers visitors a wide array of Civil War exhibits. The museum is great for individuals or groups, as it offers activities for both. Hands on exhibits are popular among both adults and children. The museum's focus is to entertain and teach visitors about the history of the Civil War. The museum also has a theater that holds presentations about the Civil War.

  • View of the outside of the building
  • One of the exhibits inside the museum
This museum offers over 10,000 square feet of informational and interactive exhibits that teach the history of the Civil War. While it focuses mainly on the Civil War as a whole, it also has a presentation on Ohio's role in the war (1). Eight main exhibits give information about the Civil War that ranges from events leading to the war, to the leaders, to the end of the war. A research library offers visitors hundreds of books about the Civil War. The theater shows a documentary about Ohio's role in the war daily. 

The museum offers group tours as well as individual tours. Each year, an annual fundraiser is held to raise money to continue to collect Civil War era artifacts. The museum is important to the public because it educates visitors in Civil War history. It's interactive exhibits give visitors a visual concept of what he war was like. It also makes a connection to the community due to its history of the Ohio area (2)

Overall, this museum is perfect for those who are interested in the Civil War. Its exhibits continue to grow and provide more information to the public. The museum is sign of respect of those who served in the Civil War. Its preservation of Civil War artifacts is continuing to expand, giving visitors more visual aids in knowing what the war was like. Over time, the museum looks to expand greatly and provide more information about the Civil War. 

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