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Four Mile’s gold pond is available to visitors from April to September, and drains into a small wetlands area. Here visitors to the park can pretend they strike it rich as they take turns panning for genuine fool’s gold (iron pyrite). Visitors can take home their two favorite pieces. (Please note: the Gold Pond is temporarily closed)

  • Children on a field trip look for gold
  • Gold Panning

Gold was one of the many reasons people came to Colorado. In 1858, the three Russell brothers discovered a small deposit of gold in Little Dry Creek, which is a tributary of the South Platte River. The creek is still in existence today and can be seen in the city of Englewood as well as parts of Littleton and Cherry Hills Village. The brothers did not find a lot of gold, but rumors soon spread that the discovery was much larger. This would spark the Colorado Gold Rush the next year, bringing many people to the region. Cherry Creek was also used by gold miners, especially in the downtown Denver area where the creek meets the South Platte River. 

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All Digital Photo Denver