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By 1928 “The National Guard unit at Wenatchee, located in the old Eagle Livery and Transfer Building at 315 S. Mission, was interested in better quarters. Mrs. E. L. Mann agreed to build a new armory and a contract was signed on July5, 1928, with Bird and Hobson to build such a structure 64 x 120 ft. at 225 N. Mission. It was to cost about $20,000 and was to have an auditorium and a drill room with hardwood floors. The building was completed in the fall of 1928, and the ceremony of acceptance took place on October 26, 1928. Ed Ferguson was the toastmaster. The American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps played for the occasion. Major Widby accepted the building for the Howitzer Company. A dance followed the formal program. On March 31, 1956, the state vacated the building and moved into a newly constructed armory on 5th street. The hardwood floor was taken out and replaced with reinforced concrete. The Farmers’ Exchange occupied the building from May of 1956 until November of 1961. It has since been used as warehouse space for such firms as Wenatchee Paint & Glass, Craftsman Painting, Davis Furniture, etc. It is now occupied by the Evergreen Smoke Shop.

  • Illustration of the Armory building by artist Betty Bell.
  • The Armory as it looked in 1985
  • The Wenatchee Home Guard in formation inside the Armory building in 1946

Polk Directories. Wenatchee, WA. 1907-2006.

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