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The Bardin Building was constructed by Lyman Bardin in 1902. He did business under the name of the Wenatchee Trading Company, which sold general merchandise until 1904. The two-story building is located at 6 and 8 North Wenatchee Avenue. Mr. Bardin turned from business to become an orchardist. The Bowen and Bowen Grocery occupied the building about 1905. In 1910, the Red Cross Drug Store, which later became White Cross Pharmacy, was active in the Bardin Building until 1913. In 1914, the C. H. Armstrong Stationery occupied the space at 6 North Wenatchee Avenue until the 1940s. The Doell Stationery and Book Store took over and was there until 1967.   The R. F. Johnson Paint Company, which later became the Wenatchee Paint and Glass, ran a business from 8 North Wenatchee Avenue from 1916 until 1920. The Alaska Dress Shop was there from 1933 until 1942. Larson’s Bakery opened in 1949 and sold bakery goods there for 20 years until 1969. The bakery quarters were converted into a restaurant. Various eating establishments, including the Old Brick Restaurant have been in business since 1972. Fred Siemon bought the building from Earl Bardin on July 28, 1967, and re-located his shoe store there.

In 1905 Lyman Bardin constructed this two story stucco building for a clothing and drug store. It became a stationary store in 1915, operated by C. H. Armstrong until 1940. A series of small hotels called the Liberty, Club and Howard occupied the upstairs from 1922 to 1940. Steiner's Bootery took over the ground level in 1946, yeilding to William D. Doell's gift shop from 1948 to about 1960. Fred Sieman's shoe store operated from the early 1960s to the late 80s, followed by The Restaurant. The structure now houses Iwa Sushi and Grill. While the building has been substantially remodeled, the Owners of The Restaurant replicated the distinctive second story arch reminiscent of the original facade.

Polk Directories. Wenatchee, WA. 1907-2006.