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Opened amid great fanfare in September 2018, the Hancock-Adams Common serves as the physical and spiritual heart of the City of Quincy and its salute to its patriotic historic. The Common celebrates the legacy of Quincy's two most famous sons, John Adams and John Hancock. Both born nearby in the 1700s, they became visionaries, revolutionaries and leaders of the Second Continental Congress that declared independence from Great Britain in 1776. Statues of each Founding Father appear at each end of the Common.

The opening of the Hancock-Adams Common in 2018 was celebrated by thousands of local residents who gathered on this spot amid great pomp & circumstance to salute our city's unique contributions to the founding of our nation.

The ceremonies were led by Mayor Tom Koch and highlighted by a moving speech by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough whose research did much to document the contributions to the nation by Quincy's two favorite sons, John Hancock and John Adams.

The patriotic festival was an all-day celebration under a sea of red, white & blue featuring rousing performances by local musicians and singers, and a new-found appreciation for Quincy's powerful heritage. Today, the park serves as a beautiful, peaceful respite in the heart of the city that greets guests as they arrive off the MBTA Red Line next door or arrive in Quincy Center by automobile for the first time.