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The Granite County Museum was established in 1992 to preserve and promote the county's mining and pioneering history. It features exhibits that explore what life was like for ranchers, miners, and residents. A variety of items and artifacts are on display including clothing and furniture. The basement is recreated as a mine, featuring mining equipment and a mural of the ghost town of Granite. The museum is located in the historic Courtney Hotel building, which was erected in 1918.

  • The Granite County Museum is housed in the historic Courtney Hotel, which was built in 1918.

The building itself is an important landmark in Philipsburg. It was built in 1918 by Morris and Humphrey Courtney, who owned a successful manganese mine. What was somewhat unique about the building is that it not only operated as a hotel but also as car dealership and service station. Hotel rooms and offices occupied the second and third floors, while the dealership was located on the first floor and the service station was in the basement. The dealership and service station reflect the emergence of the automobile industry in the country, which was just beginning around this time. This aspect of the building adds to its historical significance. It is a contributing property of the Philipsburg Historic District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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