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This is the Ranchmen's Club. It is Calgary's oldest and most prestigious social club and has been since 1891. The building you see before you though dates originally to 1914. It was also extended in 1925 and remodeled in 1981. Shortly after its construction, prohibition hit which led to members storing their bottles in a bedroom since rules stated that alcohol could only be consumed in a room with a bed. So began the tradition of Mr. Smith's bedroom. In 1919, with prohibition still in full force, club members held a white tie dinner here for Edward, Prince of Wales. The Alberta government had allowed liquor to be served at the function which turned into a loud and boisterous evening. At one point a Supreme Court judge began singing “another little drink won't do us any harm.” Many years later Edward himself recalled that a fire was lit on the floor in the room and the men danced around the fire. It was one of hundreds of memorable events held at the Ranchmen's Club. Despite its name, two of the club's original organizers were not even ranchers. They were however all men and that tradition continued for more than 100 years. Women were finally allowed to join in 1993. The building itself is a three-story renaissance revival structure clad in brick with terracotta string coursing, cornices, and window surrounds. You can also see many ornamental details in the terracotta relief panels which feature Western scenes - exactly what one would expect from a building named the Ranchmen's Club.

  • South east view from the Corner of 13th avenue and 6th Street SW
  • Front of Ranchmen's Club


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Historic Resources, City of Calgary

Historic Resources, City of Calgary