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Welcome to the Beltline District! Comprised of the historic communities of Connaught and Victoria Park, this area contains some of the earliest communities in the rapidly growing city and became a place associated with wealth and prestige. Mansions dotted what is today 13th Avenue, so many that a writer later called it Millionaires Row. Connaught is home to Calgary's first library, several historic churches and schools, and the residence of Nellie McClung, one of the Famous Five, who won the right for women to be called "persons" in Canada. The name Connaught comes from the Duke and Duchess of Connaught, who made a vice regal visit to Calgary in 1912 with their daughter Princess Patricia. In the decade before World War One, Calgary grew tenfold, from 4,000 to 40,000, and much of that growth took place here. Eventually though, most of the great estates and large houses in Connaught were either torn down for redevelopment or split up into smaller apartments. Today, the wide mix of remaining architecture in the neighborhood represents every decade in Calgary's rich history.

Beltline Community, 1964

Beltline Community, 1964


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