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Stairs on the west side of the house led to the Schoolhouse Studio, no longer extant, and further on to Falmouth. Steps predate the Melchers era and date to circa 1850. The lilacs that border the stairs may also be an earlier feature; a Civil War letter refers to the Lilac walk. Today these steps have been restored and we have a new set of stairs at the bottom that links us to the Belmont- Ferry Farm Trail. The wrought iron fence and gate at the bottom of the stairs originated from the grand 1834 house "Smithsonia" in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia.

  • Stairs leading to Falmouth with old lilac bushes
  • Bottom of Stairs looking up
  • Stairs, 1927, by Frances Benjamin Johnston
  • Belmont Aerial View, Melchers Era, showing Schoolhouse Studio, no longer extant
  • 'Belmont,' by Gari Melchers, showing stairs at right
  • Gari and Corinne Melchers at bottom of stairs