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The TownHall of a small town founded in 1852, on land bought from a man with a dream of owning a farm. Soon this small town found itself booming with its heart located in fine wood manufacturing plants, utilizing the natural hardwoods around them. Producing quality cabinets, furniture, caskets, and hospital equipment made a name for this hidden little town. The Batesville Memorial building was built in 1887 and then renovated in 1922.

The Batesville Memorial Building

The Batesville Memorial Building

The Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall

Batesville originally was a 120 acre plot of land bought by Teunis Amack for a homestead in 1837. In 1852, Teunis sold his land to be developed and plots were laid out. then the first inhabitant moved into plot 1, he was Joshua Bates (The City of Batesville). From there the town grew and a community developed. Soon a community formed around its most populous natural resource, hardwood timber, as a way of income. Batesville had nine wood furnishing factories open between 1867-92', some of which still remain as do the ancestors of those who started the business's. (The City of Batesville).

The TownHall of a small town founded in 1852. The Batesville Memorial building was built in 1887 and then renovated in 1922. In dedication to the fallen soldiers of WWI, becoming a true center to this amazing little town (Blank). Today the Memorial building is no longer the town hall but is still a government building, with the office of the mayor and many more people.

This building is an proof of the accomplishments of a town. Business' such as HilRom, Batesville Casket Company,and RomWeber all still remain to produce products for all over the nation.

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