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These images are of buildings in use during the period when it was the site of the Carlisle Indiana Industrial School.

  • Historical marker on the building.
  • Historical marker set above the ground by the building
  • Thorpe Hall

Thorpe Hall, a gymnasium, was built by Native American students in 1887 and 1895, named for Thorpe in 1954, and renovated in 1976. Its name honors the school's most famous alumnus, We-Tho-Huk or James "Jim" Thorpe. Thorpe, a member of the Sauk and Meskwaki (Sac & Fox) nation, was born in Indian territory around 1887 (dates vary). He attended the school and became a famous athlete in multiple sports, won two gold medals at 1912 Stockholm Olympics, and played professional baseball, basketball, and football.