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Welcome to the 4-H Children's Gardens at Michigan State University! The gardens are made up of the original Outdoor Garden, the Pete & Sally Smith Schoolyard Demonstration Garden, the Indoor 4-H Children's Garden and the Curiosity and Garden Gateway classrooms. The outdoor garden has been described as "the most creative half acre in America" and "a magical place of learning". We invite you to visit and "experience plants" in this wonderful place.

4-H Children's Gardens entrance

4-H Children's Gardens entrance

The 4-H Children's Gardens opened in 1993 and has been providing a place of beauty and fun ever since. 

The gardens mission is to:

  • Promote an understanding of plants and the role they play in our daily lives;
  • Nurture the wonder in a child's imagination and curiosity;
  • Provide a place of enrichment and delight for children of all ages.

We encourage all visitors to "experience plants" as they visit the gardens.

The gardens consist of over 80 small theme gardens including the ABC Kinder Garden, Perfume Garden, Butterfly Garden, Peter Rabbit Herb Garden, Monet Bridge, Alice in Wonderland Maze, the Dance Chimes, Tree House and Pizza Garden. Each theme garden is designed to meet our mission. Visitors can find plants that start with every letter of the alphabet, butterfly plants, the plants that make your pizza and lots more.

When you visit be sure to check out the Amphitheater, Creation Station, Monet Bridge, Spitting Frog Fountains, the Sundial, Alice in Wonderland Maze, the All-Aboard Train, Dance Chimes and the Twigaloo Village. Bring your kids or come with other adults, there is something here for everyone!

We look forward to seeing you in the garden very soon!