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The Fort Apache Historic Park offers tours and exhibits within a complex that features reconstructed and historic buildings. The grounds include interpretive signs throughout the complex that describe the history of the complex, its people, and the buildings. The complex features a cultural center and museum that preserves and shares Apache history and culture.

The Fort Apache Historic Park is know for it’s military fort used by U.S. 1st Cavalry led a scouting expedition. The cavalry was sent to Fort Apache to kill any Apaches they seen, but when they arrived the Apaches treated them well. They feed their horses and gave them food and water. The Cavalry was surprised and they said if they would kill any of the Apaches that it would be cold blood murder and they became friends and allies.

 The Fort Apache Historic Park offers self-guided tours with interpretive signs throughout the park telling what each building and place is or represents. The Apaches have made sure to ensure that the culture is maintained and represented each day and to teach the visitors that come through.

Admission to the museum and park is $5.00 per adult, and $3.00 for seniors (64+) and students. Children under 7 are admitted free. Admission to the Park after-hours and on holidays is $5.00 per vehicle per day. Apache tour guides are available with advance reservation, and special accommodations and activities can be arranged for tour groups. (White Mountian Apache Tribe)

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