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Bowman field on Clemson University's campus in Clemson, SC is one of the most popular spots on campus. It is located directly in front of Tillman, Mell, and Holtzendorff Hall. It is a popular spot on campus for students to lay out and soak up some sun, throw football, play spike ball, and study. It is also a popular location for fans of Clemson University’s athletic teams, since the field is used to host ESPN’s College Gameday crew every time Clemson football plays in the game of the week.

  • Baseball game on Bowman field circa 1920
  • Bowman Field with a painted Clemson University Tiger Paw
  • Bowman Field after ice storm in 2004
  • Homecoming on Bowman Field in 2012
  • Students building a home for Habitat for Humanity in 2018
  • College Gamday for Clemson vs. Georgia in 2013

Bowman Field is named after Randolph T.V. Bowman, a professor at Clemson University from 1895 to 1899. Bowman was also Clemson’s first baseball coach and one of the football team’s first assistant coaches. He is also credited with clearing the area in front of Tillman Hall in order to make it suitable for sporting events like baseball, football, soccer, track, and even basketball. On April 24, 1896 Clemson played its first baseball game against Furman on Bowman Field. Even though the Tigers lost 20-13. However, this game would go on to set the precedent of having athletic competitions at this site. The Clemson football team played its first game on this field on October 20th, 1898. Bowman was an assistant coach for the team at the time, and helped lead the Tigers to a 55-0 win over Bingham. Even more impressive than the score was the fact that  Bowman not only helped coach, but he also refereed the game. This field would also hold games where the Tigers were coached by the legendary John Heisman from 1900-1903. Bowman died in 1899 at the age of 23, and the university wanted to honor him. On April 20th, 1899, a resolution was signed by Clemson great Walter Merritt Riggs, who represented the football association of Clemson College. This resolution was agreed upon by then Clemson College President, Henry Hartzog. Since this time, Bowman field has been one of the most beloved and most visited spots on Clemson’s campus. Nowadays, whenever the weather is nice, students flock to the field to study, lay out, throw football, play spike ball, or any other leisure activities. The field is also used by the university every year for homecoming. Students involved in greek life team up with their fraternities and sororities to construct massive floats and compete against the other fraternities and sororities. Bowman Field is also used when students work with Habitat for Humanity to build houses, and is used by the university for drill meets and other ROTC exercises. Bowman field is also seen by a national audience every time that Clemson’s football team plays in the biggest game of the weekend, and ESPN’s College Gameday crew sets up its broadcast on Bowman. Whenever this happens, hundreds of students and fans flock the field in their orange attire to show support for the Tigers, often holding up home-made signs with funny jokes about the opposing team.

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