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The exact location of these springs is unknown, but the location noted is seen as lowland marshy areas on 1940 GIS Aerial view mapping. The 1937 Waukesha Freeman Special Edition mentioned, "Bidwell Springs, before their overflow wanders into Horeb Park, breed the only trout to be found in the city limits." The Bidwell property was located to the West and North of the intersection of Summit and Delafield.

It is not known exactly where the springs were located. It is interesting to note that the stream originated on this property, continued on to Horeb Park, where more springs drained into it, and then wandered across Delafield Street to the site of the present (old VFW Post) Tuscan Hall Banquet Center and Catering. This is where the Wheeler Brothers Waukesha Soda Water Company was located. From there, the stream ran back across Delafield Street and supplied Weber's pond, from which ice was cut in the winter. It then drained into the Fox River.

As of this writing, there is a proposal to build an apartment complex on the site of what was once Weber's Pond. This project is to replace the dilapidated building that previously housed Value Foods, and then Jendusa Pharmacy among other business over many years.