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The GI Museum was established to keep and show the memorabilia of past servers and what they did to get and keep our freedom. At certain points in the year the Museum comes alive because the visitors are welcomed to dress in full uniform in remembrance of past service men and women. The GI Museum is a non-profit organization so admission is free and everyone is welcome.

The GI Museum is a memorial to all of the soldiers who fought for the freedom for all Americans.  The museum is a non-profit organization so admission for all is free, but donations are always welcomed to keep the museum up.  Occasionally the museum interviews Veterans from different wars and parts of the military history to get their story and show it in local news channels.

This museum is also known as a living museum because on certain days of the year visitors are encouraged to come entirely dressed in full military dress to honor previous service men and women. The museum teaches through educational displays and programs place throughout the museum. They also preform reenactments of wars for visitors to watch.

 The museum is also capable of restoring military vehicles and original artifacts that was used on a daily basis during the wars and downtime. The museum is currently restoring two Huey Helicopters.