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Alma and Almanaris were two springs located on the the grounds of the Park View Hotel - later leased by the Keeley Institute. The original owner of the property was Julius Riese (Also Reese in some documentation.) Julius named one of his daughters Alma, born in 1867 assuming that he then named one of the springs after her. The Latin term of Alma means “nourishing, kind” which is a nice namesake for both the daughter and the restorative spring. The second spring (Almanaris) was eventually piped about 900 feet down to a bottling plant along the railroad tracks. The Almanaris Spring namesake and bottling works were subsequently moved north along St Paul Avenue to a new location.

  • Almanaris Mineral Spring Bottling Works
  • Park View Hotel/Keeley Institute ca 1910

Alma and Almanaris Springs were two springs located on the grounds of the Park View Hotel on the west side of Waukesha. The hotel was on the north side of St. Paul Avenue, north of its intersection with Washington Avenue. The springs were commercialized by Andrew and William Powers of Chicago. There is some confusion as to the names of these springs, as they were shown as Alma and Almanaris.

After a disastrous fire in 1904, in which the bottling plant was destroyed (the plant was on the south side of St. Paul Avenue and water was conveyed by pipes), Almanaris was moved. The business moved to a new plant and used a spring about tow miles north, a spring that had been used by one of the earliest breweries in Waukesha, the Schock Brewery. It was located directly across the river from the White Rock Property. The business operated until about 1948 and produced Almanariws, Bond, and Cliquot Club beverages.

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