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Liberty Bell Replica

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This site houses an authentic replica of the American icon the Liberty Bell. The replica is said to be cast to exactly the same proportions and tone. It is located in Charleston, WV in the Capitol Complex directly at the front of the courtyard opposite the Kanawha Boulevard side of the Capitol. The bell can be visited alongside many other monuments at the Capitol Complex.


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This replica of the American Liberty Bell is located in Charleston, WV at the Capitol Complex. It is meant to inspire passion for individual freedom, one of the principles on which America won its independence. It is displayed prominently in a large courtyard and can be easily found a short walk from the surrounding grounds. The bell is displayed on large steel supports with a descriptive plaque on closer inspection.

The plaque states several facts about the replica bell. It outlines that the bell was presented to the West Virginian public as part of the United States Savings Bond Independence Drive. For this purpose, it was displayed in every part of the state. Fifty-three of these replica Liberty Bells were cast in France to the exact dimensions and tone of the Liberty Bell itself. To help inspire American pride, at the top of the plaque reads, "Dedicated to you, a free citizen in a free land."

The Revolutionary War is one of the most important aspects of American military history and American history in general. America's government was established with the principles this war was fought over, including individual religious and economic liberty. Although the story of the Liberty Bell being rung on July 4th, 1776 is unlikely to be true, it remains an effective symbol of that period of history and the events that shaped the United States.

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