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Sturgeon Bay Third Avenue Historic District Tour - Part 1
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This three-storefront commercial block has undergone a continuing series of transfigurations over time. For this reason, it is difficult to attribute specific improvements to either individual owners or dates. Originally clad with wood, the two building sections to the north were veneered with brick prior to 1898. The third section, to the south, was built at about that same time, although of solid masonry. The three units were refashioned prior to 1904 in their present form. Numerous businesses including a saloon, a restaurant, and a cigar factory were located in the newer section and a tailor shop in the north bay. This block is of painted brick, two stories in height and topped by a shingled mansard roof, also painted white. The upper facade is accented with three gabled, oriel windows. The newer bay is somewhat more ornately detailed in the Eastake style. The three storefronts are relatively intact with modifications occurring within the masonry openings. This commercial block is an interesting accent and is of significance as the only Queen Anne / Eastake style building within the District.1