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Sturgeon Bay Third Avenue Historic District Tour - Part 1
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This single storefront commercial building was built in 1905/1906 by Frank Conjurske and was used as a barber shop with apartments on the second story. It is in the same use and family ownership today. Designed in a local interpretation of the Classical Revival style, the building is faced with grey, local limestone set in alternating width courses as rock-faced ashlar. An entablature is built up from smaller sized stones corbelled to imply classical detailing. The parapet is accented with a central gable, also made up of stone blocks, and rounded limestone caps accenting the vertical members. The storefront and the side entry to the second story are also of interest because they appear to be unaltered from the original. This building is an excellent example of the adaption of the hard, difficult to work, local limestone to the ornate detailing required of this architectural style. Also, it has one of the few unaltered storefronts within the District.1