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Historic Tri-Cities Public School Buildings Tour

Created by Douglas J Harding on August 30th 2019, 3:42:34 pm.

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This tour includes several historic public education buildings throughout the Tri-Cities region of Johnson City, TN, Bristol, TN and VA, and Kingsport, TN and their surrounding communities. The tour includes: the largest school to serve African-American youth from the Upper East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia and Southeast Kentucky regions and largest school between Knoxville, TN and Roanoke, VA; the old Virginia High School building in which WWII defense classes and KKK meetings were once held; Bristol’s first high school that was open to African American residents; the unique "Stone Castle" building which has served several high schools in the Bristol area and is a 1934-37 product of the Works Progress Administration; and Johnson City's first African-American public high school established in 1893.