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Pioneer Monuments in Kansas
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Statue erected on the grounds of the Sherman County courthouse to mark the county's 1987 centennial. Sculpted by Greg Todd. A pioneer man wearing a wide-brimmed hat squats down in his field, holding the rich soil in his proper right hand. Beside him stands his young wife. The wind sweeping the High Plains blows her long skirt and apron. Her right hand rests gently on her husband's shoulder, indicating her reliance on his strength. Her left hand holds tightly to one handle of their prominently featured walking plow. The man's hard work and ingenuity, combined with his wife's nurturing, enable them to survive and thrive on the soil that inspired the town's name of Goodland, Kansas.

  • They Came to Stay statue
  • Centennial plaque

Prescott, Cynthia Culver. Pioneer Mother Monuments: Constructing Cultural Memory. University of Oklahoma Press, 2019.

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Cynthia Prescott

Cynthia Prescott