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Historic Berea Kentucky Walking Tour

Created by Miranda Smith on July 18th 2019, 4:21:07 pm.

Berea is best-known for Berea College and a thriving arts and crafts community. Berea was the first integrated college in the South and remained so until 1904 when segregationists in the state legislature passed the Day Law which made integration a crime. Berea became integrated once again in 1950 when the law was amended. Today, Berea is also known for the arts and has earned the title of "Crafting Capital of Kentucky." This emphasis on the arts is apparent in the downtown area. The town is the fastest growing community in the state of Kentucky, Several buildings on the college's campus are also featured. The tour concludes at the former location of Churchill Weavers, a local weaving company that gained national renown in the 20th century. Visitors to the area should also stop by the Kentucky Artisan Center just north of the downtown area.