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University Historic District Walking Tour, Eastern Washington University
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The one-story music building opened in 1948.

  • The Rowles Music Building 1950
  • William Lloyd Rowles, Head of the Division of Music and Professor of Music “Let’s try that over again.”
  • 1951 view of the music building entrance
  • Rowles Hall under a dramatic sky 1958
  • Rowles Music building pictured in front of the new Science building in 1962.

We stop to remember a ghost building. This was a post-World War II plain, utilitarian brick building, named for William Lloyd Rowles, Head of the Division of Music and Professor of Music.

The music department moved from the Showalter Hall music annex into Rowles Hall in 1948. The long side of the building faced 9th Street with its main entrance at the west end. It housed practice and ensemble rooms, as well as studios for private instruction, plus wind and string studios. A wing of the building behind the main entrance held an auditorium. A story in the Kinnickinik yearbook stated "The music hall is open to campus personnel, as well as others wishing musical instruction."

The music department moved out of Rowles Hall into the music building section of the new Fine Arts complex in 1970. The hall was demolished about 1995 to make room for an expansion of the PUB.

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