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Covered Bridges of West Virginia Tour

Created by Clio Admin on March 3rd 2019, 12:33:08 pm.

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This tour takes users to each of the seventeen extant covered bridges in West Virginia. These infrastructural elements were primarily constructed in the latter half of the nineteenth century. They were once relatively common and hundreds or even thousands of covered bridges could be seen dotting the landscape of the Mountain State. Covered bridges were crucial to connecting isolated farming communities with other communities and business opportunities. Additionally, West Virginia’s covered bridges displayed a wide variety of architectural styles and construction methods. However, over a century of use and disuse have left only seventeen of these bridges standing. Thanks to concerted conservation efforts, the remaining bridges are all in relatively good shape. Many of them continue to serve vehicle traffic while others are corporeal reminders of a past era. West Virginia’s covered bridges are significant components of the economic, cultural, and architectural history of the region.