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Madison Wisconsin Walking Tour
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Operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society, this museum has exhibits on three floors that explore Wisconsin as well as national history. The exhibits are divided into several areas: politics, frontier life, immigration, manufacturing and agriculture, and Native American cultures. Visitors will see the numerous artifacts on display, full-scale dioramas, a created ancient Native American house, audiovisuals, and interactive multimedia. The museum also features special seasonal and thematic displays, public programs and special tours, and a museum bookstore.

  • The Wisconsin Historical Museum is located in downtown Madison at the corner of W Mifflin St and N Carroll St on the Capitol Square.
  • Robert Nesbit, Wisconsin: A History-Click the link below for more information about this book.
The museum's collection is large, holding 110,000 historical objects and around 500,000 archaeological artifacts from Wisconsin that date to prehistoric times to the present day. The collection is divided into five categories: archaeology, culture and history, economic history, Native American ethnography, and social history.

The archaeology collection features nationally significant stone and copper collections; culture and history focuses on arts, leisure, sports and recreation, and ethnic history; economic history centers on commerce, technology, agriculture, and industry; Native American ethnography contains everyday items (and religious objects) from cultures of the Upper Great Lakes and the rest of North America; and the social history focuses on home and family life and contains 20,000 items of clothing and other personal wear.
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