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Post-Great Fire Architecture Walking Tour

Created by Kalen Martin-Gross on January 11th 2019, 6:33:16 am.

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The Great Fire of 1871 decimated a vast majority of the city of Chicago, with the central business district that later became known as the Loop nearly being destroyed. The city wasted no time in rebuilding and initiated a frantic construction boom. The decade between the fire and the beginning of skyscraper boom resulted in a multitude of architecturally unique buildings that only remained in fashion for a few years. These post-fire buildings were demolished at a staggering rate throughout the rest of the 19th-century and 20th-centuries. By 2015, only 21 Post-Fire buildings were recognized in the Loop. This walking tour visits a few of the most significant Post-Fire buildings in the Loop which are all located in the norther half of the district. Beginning with the set of buildings known as the Lake-Franklin Group, the tour continues to the Washington Block, the Delaware Building, and the Page Brothers Building. The tour concludes at another grouping of buildings known as the Haskell-Barker-Atwater Buildings.