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Founded in 2004 by four local peace activists, the Dayton International Peace Museum is dedicated to promoting peace in the nation and around the world. To this end, the museum offers a variety of programs and exhibits to educate people about the efficacy and practice of nonviolence. It also serves as a gathering place for peace-related activities. The museum is located in the historic Isaac Pollack House, which was built in 1876.

  • The Dayton International Peace Museum was founded in 2004 and the history Isaac Pollack House, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
This historic home was originally constructed for the family of Isaac Pollack, a businessman in the liquor trade. The house remained a private residence until 1913 when it was bought by Fenton T. Bott. Bolt opened a dance studio on the first floor of the home and lived upstairs. The studio operated until 1949. After a long court battle related to the fate of the home and the surrounding neighborhood, the Montgomery County Board of Elections bought it in 1954 to house its offices. Owing to continued construction in the downtown area, this historic home was saved by moving it to this location in 1979.
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Photo: Dayton International Peace Museum