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Bisbee Walking Tour
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When copper was discovered in Castle Rock in 1877 (so named by soldiers and campers in the area), which stands to Apache Springs, settlers and miners came to the area by droves. In just a few years, the town was Bisbee was established. In 1895, Bisbee's first mayor, John Joseph Muirhead, had this large structure made next to the copper mine. Originally called the Muirhead House, the purpose of the building was to serve as a boarding house for the miners. The building is one of Bisbee's largest structures. Over its 120+ plus years of existence, the building also became a hotel, then apartments, then back to a hotel. It still serves as a hotel today.

  • The Inn at Castle Rock as it appears today
  • Early-mid 1900s photo of Bisbee. The Inn is located in the center right (across from Castle Rock)
  • A look at the hillside gardens of the Inn
  • Another early 1900s photo of Bisbee. The Inn is located in the center left (across from Castle Rock) with a trolly in front of it.
The history of Castle Rock and the Inn began as it used to be a site for Apaches to make camp. In 1877, Lieutenant John A. Rucker and the 15 men under of his command (Company C of the Sixth US Calvary, came to the Castle Rock area and made camp. It was during that stay that Rucker and civilian trucker, Jack Dunn found a green seam along the rock near Apache Spring. They would have to wait later in the year to make a claim, a claim they knew contained copper and could even contain silver. In 1878, a mine at Castle Rock opened. 

By 1880, the mine community grew so much that a post office was in sore need. This post office also indicted that people needed better places to lodge while in the area, especially the miners. Bisbee was then established along the same area that Rucker and Dunn found the seam of copper. In 1895, the town's first mayor, John Joseph Muirhead, had this large and beautiful structure to serve as a boarding house for the many miners.  Originally called the Muirhead House, it was soon renamed as the Inn at Castle Rock, a name that has stuck since. As one of Bisbee's largest buildings, it was made to stay forever. 

Since 1895, the purpose of the Inn changed. Soon after its construction, it became a hotel for visitors. Then as Bisbee continued to grow, it became apartments for newcomers. Then in the 1980s it went back to serving as a hotel and has stayed as such ever since.