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Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago Driving Tour

Created by Kalen Martin-Gross on November 2nd 2018, 11:08:34 am.

Frank Lloyd Wright is easily considered the greatest American architect to have ever lived. Heavily influencing a new architectural style, designing over 1,000 architectural works, witnessing over half of those designs come to fruition, Wright left his mark on the American landscape for generations to come. This tour begins in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park where Wright lived and worked, designing over 20 buildings and perfecting the Prairie style of architecture. Then continues into south Chicago at the Robie House, which is considered to be the greatest example of the Prairie style of architecture in the nation. Moving north, the tour stops in the Loop District where Wright's interior design of the the Rookery Building's light court. The tour concludes at the Emil Bach House, considered one of Wright's last true Prairie style houses.