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Americana in Rome, NY
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On September 30, 1960, John F. Kennedy held a rally in Rome, NY on the steps of the Oneida County Court House.

  • This photo was supplied by Rome Historical Society and Museum.  It shows Senator Kennedy approaching the podium to make brief remarks on his 9/30/1960 stop in Rome.
  • This photo from the 9/30/1960 Rome Sentinel documents the presence of Nixon supporters at the rally.
  • Another photo published in the 9/30/1960 Rome Sentinel shows Kennedy at the podium for his brief remarks.
  • This portion of the 9/30/1960 Sentinel shows the coverage given to the campaign stop, which was attended by 2,000 people.
  • This plaque on the E. Court St. side of the building commemorates Senator Kennedy's stop in Rome, NY.
A plaque commemorating the September 30, 1960 stop is on the building's E. Court St. side.  The city's newspaper estimates that 2,000 people attended the rally, at which Senator Kennedy made brief remarks on a busy day that included stops along the Thruway corridor from the Capital District to Syracuse.  The article also emphasized the size of the teenage contingent at the rally.